How to customize subtitles styles

This feature allows you to customize subtitle styles for their company's videos.

Please note that only users with the CMS manager role have the authority to implement these changes.

To update custom subtitle styles, follow these simple steps:

Begin by selecting the Company Settings option from the left sidebar user menu.

On this page, you can specify the vertical position of subtitles and the chosen subtitle style. You can preview the edited subtitle style.

Several types of custom subtitles are available for selection, including:

text with background;
text with shadow;
text with border;
simple text.

If you require more advanced customization, the Show Advanced Settings accordion allows you to define font family, font size, and font colour. Additionally, you can access specific parameters depending on the chosen text style, such as background colour (for text with background) and border colour (for text with a border).

You can choose fonts from those currently in use for the active company text panel, as well as fonts specified for the company.

You can modify the font size using the slider. Values ranging from 15 to 30 are available for selection.

To pick the color for the font, background, or border, click on the color picker icon. You can select a color from the provided palette or manually input the HEX color code. Confirm your choice by clicking the "Choose" button. If you decide to cancel the changes, you can do so by clicking the "Cancel" button or simply clicking outside the colour palette.

To save your customized subtitle style, don't forget to click the "Save" button.

From now on, all company videos shared via links and all user videos will feature custom subtitles.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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