I can't share one of my videos

After entering your text in the script suggestion, you click on ‘start recording’. After recording your video you will need to click on the word ‘Done’ on the right side above. If you want to save your video after this, it does not give you an option to save your video. But it will give you on the cross, the app will send you to the overview of all your videos. Under the title of your video the word ‘Draft’ will appear.

Afterwards if you click on the three dots and then on edit, you will return back to editing your video. If you swap to the right, you will see that there’s still an empty scene. Therefore you cannot finalize your video.

What you need to do is click on your the word ‘Scenes’ on the left side below. After you swipe to the right, your empty scene has appeared as purple. Below it says remove, and if you click on there your scene will disappear. Afterwards you’ll need to click on save.

Then you’ll return to your video and on the right side above, the word ‘Done’ has appeared. If you click on this, you can give your video a title. After filling in a title and then on ‘Done’, we will start processing your video.

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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