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Approval flow on mobile

If your company has the feature "approval flow" enabled, your videos need to be approved by a reviewer (as appointed by your company) before they become publicly sharable.

If you are a reviewer and want to approve submitted videos, you need to go to the web.

Submitting your video for review

After you've made a video you need to submit it for review. This is done simply by pressing "Submit for review" in the video details page. Once it's in review you can't edit it anymore. If you want to make any changes to your video you need to revoke it from review by tapping on the "Revoke from review" button.

Submitted for review

Video got rejected

It's possible that the reviewer decides your video needs changes. In this case the reviewer will change the status to "Requires changes". Optionally your reviewer can leave a message providing more context. If needed, you can also start the chat yourself in the chat with reviewer screen.

If you want to view your chat history with the reviewers, you can do so by opening the menu under the three dots and tapping on the "Chat" option.

Editing a rejected video

Video got accepted

Once your video is approved, you can share your video as normal. A label with the text "Approved" on the card of the video in the library signifies that your video is now approved.

Once your video is approved you cannot edit your video anymore.

Approved video

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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