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How to find your video on mobile

Sometimes it is unclear whether certain actions will cause videos to disappear or not. This article explains some common scenarios.

Videos that have been uploaded once are always available for download.

Scenario: I need to log out and log in again. Do my videos that have not been uploaded stay available?
Answer: Yes. Once you log in again with the account on which you created those videos, you can access them once more.

Scenario: I need to re-install the app. Do my videos that have not been uploaded stay available?
Answer: No. Uninstalling the app also removes all the application data, which includes recorded videos.

Scenario: I uploaded a video and in My Library it has been showing "Uploading..." or "Processing..." for quite a while... What happened to my video?
Answer: Depending on the size of your video, uploading and processing can take quite a while, but it's possible something went wrong on our end. If your video is still uploading after 30 minutes or processing after 2 hours, you can manually cancel it by tapping on the meatballs menu on the top right of the card and select "Stop uploading" or "Stop processing" respectively from the popup menu. After that you can try to upload your video again, if the problem keeps persisting, please contact support.

Scenario: I duplicated a video, but I can't seem to find it. When I duplicate a video, where does it go?
Answer: A duplicated video always shows up under the tab "My Library", in most cases on top of the list since it is now probably your most recent video. This includes duplicating from within a shared folder (or anywhere else). For more information on how duplication works, please refer to How to duplicate a video on Vormats mobile.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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