Vormats is a collaboration tool, and sometimes you want your team mates to create and administrate the video creation process with you. Here we take a look at a few ways you can achieve that.


While folders can be a great way to organize videos, it is also the best way to invite your colleagues to create together (check out more on folders
here). Adding videos to a folder and sharing with your colleagues will enable you to make those videos instantly available for them to view or to edit depending on which role you assign them in your folder.


As the name describes, can view all the videos on a folder, even if the videos are not shared publicly, this is helpful if you want feedback from colleagues but don't want to grant them access to edit your videos.


A user that is an editor in a folder has the same permissions as the creator on the video in terms of editting your video, being able to change settings and more.
This is a great way of collaborating and different users can contribute with different scenes in the same video.

Folder rights

One setting you could enable on any given folder is granting more rights to a folder editor

If you select that option in addition to being able to edit all videos in that folder these users will now also be able to manage other users in that folder, adding/removing them and so on.

Other Roles

Depending of which features you company have enabled, you might have more roles as a user that can grant you different kinds of access.


With the approval flow feature (read more here) you also have the role of the reviewer, who needs to check and approve videos before they can be published to the world, and in order to do that it can also change settings, make edits, comment and more on any video that is put up for review through the "review" tab.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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