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Approval flow - Creating videos on Web

Our approval flow feature is designed for companies that want to double-check any video that is produced within the company to ensure it meets company standards before it is shared with the world.

Every company has one or more reviewers, and everyone in the company can create videos that need to be reviewed. When you create a video, it starts out as a concept.

As soon as you try to share it, it can't be shared yet, but you can submit it for review.

Once you submit a video for review, it becomes available for all reviewers in the company to review, provide feedback and make changes

If you need to remove the video from review you can easily do it through the right-hand side panel

If your video had something that needs changes your reviewer might mark your video as "Requires changes"

The reviewer might also left some comments, which can be accessed through the video page.

Go to the video page

On the right hand side panel, click review

To make the required changes, you can come back to the video and do all the changes that you need. Once you've made the changes, you can submit the video for review again.

The reviewer will be notified that the video has been resubmitted for review and will be able to see the changes you made. If they're satisfied with the changes, they'll approve the video and mark it as ready to be shared. If they're not satisfied, they'll continue to request changes until the video meets the company's standards.

Once the video is approved, it will be ready to be shared with the world.

Video discussion

Use the video discussion in your favor, chat with the reviewers and figure out together how to create the best video

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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