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How to add logo to your video on Web

Adding a logo to your video can help promote your brand and give your videos a more professional look. With Vormats web platform, adding and removing logos from your videos is easy and straightforward.

Open video page on Vormats web

Choose Logo option from right sidebar

Please note that logos added via Vormats Mobile cannot be changed on the web platform. The Logo option will be disabled for such videos. However, you can still edit the logo from the Vormats mobile.

Choose a logo from the list. While selecting, Vormats web platform allows you to preview your video with the chosen logo. This gives you the opportunity to see exactly how the logo will look in your video before you save changes.

Once you've selected the logo you want, click 'Save Changes' button.

If you want to remove a logo from your video, you'll need to open the editor, de-select the logo you no longer want, and save your changes.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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