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How to add a transitions to your video on Web

Video transitions are a crucial aspect of video editing, allowing for seamless connections between video clips. In this article, you can learn how to add transitions to your Vormats video

Note that you can only add transitions between clips; transitions from intro or to outro are not supported.

To add transition:
Open your video in with clip organizer

Hover mouse between two clips

Click on the + button that appears and choose the Transition option from the menu.

By default, all transitions have a one-second duration and are divided in half between the two scenes.

Click on the added transition to choose the type from the two available options: to black or to white.

While a transition is chosen, all other options related to scenes (Intro/Outro, trimming, and Text panel) are hidden. Click on the scene to see them again.

Check the transitions right away in the player.

Don't forget to click Save changes when you are happy with result.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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