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How to change video thumbnail

This feature helps you select the best thumbnail for a video. In this article, we'll explain how this tool works and how it can improve your video's engagement.

Open video page on Vormats web

Choose Thumbnail option from right sidebar

In right sidebar you can see current static and animated thumbnails.

To change a thumbnail click on the button below Select thumbnails

In opened modal window you can choose a perfect frame, that will become a thumbnail for your videos.

There you can see two tabs to choose a timecode for:
'Static' - single static image as the video cover that all viewers will see.
'Animated' - generate a GIF that will be displayed when the video is shared via embedded code.

Click on Save button to generate new thumbnails.

After making changes, the modal window will automatically close and the updated thumbnail will be applied immediately.

The system will only save the changes you make. For example, if you only modify the static tab and leave the animated tab untouched, only static changes will be saved.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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