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How to edit my video with Vormats Web

If you want to edit your video or create a new one by compiling scenes from other videos, you can use the Vormats Web Editor.

To start editing your video click on Edit option from the video page right sidebar

With clip organizer editor you can:

Add new clips clicking on + icon after last clip

You can insert a clip in any position, even between two existing clips, simply by hovering your cursor between them and waiting for the + icon to appear. For the last scene in your video, the + icon is always visible.

Choose existing scenes from your personal video library, folders you have access to, and team folders that you are a part of.

Upload clips from your computer

Only 4 files can be uploaded at a time. We support .mp4, .mov, .webm, .wmv, .avi files less than 4GB

Record a new scene directly within the editor, that will be added to the video right away

You can easily rearrange your clips by simply dragging and dropping them to a new position. This makes it easy to experiment with different arrangements and find the perfect sequence for your video.

Enable and disable intro or outro of your video with Intro Outro option

Find perfect timing of each scene with Trim option - more in this article

Add/edit/remove a text panel for each scene with Text panel option - more in the article

Add/edit/remove transitions between scenes - more in the article

All of your editing actions are saved locally, allowing you to easily revert back to a previous editing stage using the Undo or Redo buttons located on the right sidebar of the editor.

Remember to click on the Save changes button once you have finished editing.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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