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How to add call-to-action button to my video on Web

Are you ready to transform your video content into an interactive and engaging experience? Easily prompt your viewers to take action, whether it's signing up, exploring more, or sharing a link mentioned in your video.

To add it to your video, open the video details page and choose the Call-to-action (CTA) option.

2 .If the video doesn't have a CTA yet, it will be added automatically. Otherwise, you will see all the video's CTAs.

To save the CTA, you need to specify the button text and add the link itself on the right sidebar. The link can start with 'www,' 'https://,' or 'http://.'

You can customize the CTA by changing font settings, text color, button color (available fonts and colors are aligned with fonts and colors configured for the text panel by the CMS manager), button positions, font size, and button radius from the right sidebar.

Changes are applied immediately, so you can check right away how the CTA will look for your viewers.

Another important part of the CTA editor is the slider under the video player that shows the duration of the CTA and start timestamp. It allows you to change the duration with drag and drop of the controls, delete, or move.

When the CTA has a red border on the slider, it means that the button text or link is not specified or not correct. Changes could not be saved.

To remove the CTA, click on the bin icon under CTA slider controls.

If the wrong position was chosen, no worries! You don't need to delete the CTA; just move it to the position you need with the Move icon.

You can also add a new CTA to the video with the 'Add another Call-to-action' button.

Adding the next CTA is available only if the current one is valid (button text and link are specified and correct) and it's not overlaid with another CTA.

Don't forget to save changes when everything is ready. Copy link and share your video with CTA :)

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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