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How to add chapters to your video on Web

Chapters are a feature that allows users to divide their video into different sections or chapters, each with its own title and timecode. This feature helps viewers navigate through longer videos more easily and find the specific content they are interested in.

Add chapter to your video:

Start by opening the video details page and select the 'Chapters' option from the right sidebar. This will open the chapters editor.

When adding a new chapter, provide a title and the starting timestamp using the input fields at the top of the sidebar. You can adjust the timestamp using arrow buttons or enter the desired value manually.

The chapters editor is synchronized with the video player, ensuring that the new chapter's timestamp aligns with the current slider position.

Clicking on a chapter item swiftly takes you to the selected chapter's starting point. Remember, you can also edit or remove added chapters.

Chapter titles should consist of more than five characters, and there should be a minimum time difference of one second between chapters.

After you've completed your editing, be sure to click the 'Save' button to preserve your chapter settings.

Your videos are now enriched with chapters, offering a user-friendly, organized way for viewers to access content. Users can easily hover over the video slider to reveal the chapters, making content navigation a breeze.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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