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How to change video sharing page preferences

Sometimes the default settings of the video sharing page may not be suitable for your needs. In this article, we will explain how to change the settings of your sharing page to customize it according to your preferences.

This feature is only available on web

Change preferences for all videos

Click on your account name

Click on "Account settings"

Select the "Preferences" tab

Change preferences per video

Open the video to change the preferences

On the sidebar click "Preferences"

Note: In case you already changed the preferences for specific videos, they will not be replaced when changing the preferences for all videos via the account settings

Available settings

Viewer can download - Enables/Disables the download button to the viewer. If disabled, the viewer will not be able to download the video. Default: Enabled

Viewer can comment - Enables/Disables the comment section and reactions for the video. Default: Enabled

Viewer can see analytics - Enables/Disables the view count to the viewers. Default: Enabled

Viewer can share - Enables/Disables the sharing link button to the viewers. Default: Enabled

Disable animated GIF - When enabled, sharing the the video via the "Copy GIF thumbnail" button, uses the static thumbnail instead of the animated one. Default: Disabled

Share video player only - When enabled, when the viewer opens the video link only the player is displayed. Default: Enabled for mobile videos and Disabled for web videos

Show sidebar - Enables/Disables the left sidebar. Default: Enabled

Stop sharing this video - When enabled, the video is no longer accessible to viewers. Default: Disabled

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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