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How to react to videos with emojis and comments

Share your thoughts and emotions with comments and emojis 🫶

Adding comments and emojis is a great way to add additional context to your video, either by you or someone else. You can also add a reply to a comment thus starting a thread.

Let emojis speak for you 🫵

Emojis can be added easily to any video with the emoji picker.

You can also respond to comments with emojis.

How to react and comment

Comments can be added very easily. Under each video is the Comment function, where a field appears where you can add your comment.
In addition, comments can be deleted and edited. It is also possible to reply to comments.

My Comments and Emojis are hidden

Turning on and off your comments is possible.

Go to your video
Click on Preferences
Check if the Setting "Viewer can comment" is on

Edit Reactions

Among other things, the story owner has the option to see the reactions in a list and also to edit them.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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