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How to split your video

If you want to split your video into multiple segments, you can do so using the Split function in Vormats. This feature allows you to divide your video into smaller parts, making it easier to manage and edit specific sections.

Open the Vormats web page and navigate to the video you wish to split.

Choose the "Edit" Tab from the right sidebar.

Click the Trim option to access the video editor.

In the video editor, identify the scenes or segments you want to split. You can do this by playing the video and pausing it at the desired split points.
To split your video, position the playhead at the desired timestamp and click on the "Split" button. This will create two separate segments at that point.
You can continue to split the video into more segments by positioning the playhead at different timestamps and clicking the "Split" button again.

Note: The Split function is only available for scenes other than the Intro and Outro clips. If you attempt to split the Intro or Outro clips, the option will be disabled.

Once you've identified the split points, click on the "Split" option from the editor's right sidebar. This will split the video.

The split duplicates the video and trims both videos based on the split point.

The right sidebar provides options for undo and redo actions, allowing you to manage your edits effectively.

If you want to revert all the changes made during the editing process, you can select the option "Revert to original." This will restore your video to its initial state.

Once you are satisfied with the split segments, click on the "Done" button to finalize the splitting process.
After you have finished editing your video, click on "Save changes" to apply the split segments to the scenes. Your video will now be split into multiple parts, based on the split points you selected.
With the Split function in Vormats, you have the flexibility to divide your video into smaller segments, allowing for more efficient editing and customization of each part.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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