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How to translate your subtitles on Web

Subtitles in different languages are a powerful tool for breaking down language barriers and making content accessible to a wider audience.

The first step of creating subtitles in different languages is to generate subtitles in the original language of the video, you can find how to do that here (or via mobile here)

Translating subtitles

Once you have generated the subtitles, the next step is:

Make sure you have done all your subtitle edits before translating, so that the translations are the best as possible. The translations are not automatically updated when the original language subtitles are updated.

Going to the subtitles editor (if you are not there already)

Clicking "Translate transcription"

Make sure you have corrected the subtitles and click "Continue"

The subtitles have now been translated to your company's languages and can be edited as needed


In case you wish to only show some of the languages you can select which ones are shown via the "Subtitles in player" dropdown:

Tick/Untick the languages you want to display to your viewers

Click "Save"

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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