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How to use your video library on Web

Video Library

Your video library at Vormats Web app divided by several sections which are:

Team folders

These sections are accessible through the left sidebar available after login.


After logging into the Vormats Web app, you will be redirected directly to this page. Here, you can see a list of your videos that do not belong to folders or team folders. You can search for a video by its name, create a folder, or open the extension to record or upload a new video.

The videos are displayed as cards, each containing a title, thumbnail, author, number of views, and the date of the last modification. By clicking on a card, you will be directed to the detail page.

After hovering over the video card, you will see a menu button represented by three dots. Clicking on this button will display a list of actions available for the video.

You can also simply click on the video card (excluding the thumbnail area) to open a right sidebar that contains the same options, as mentioned earlier. This sidebar provides you with all the available actions for the video. There is an option to select multiple videos and perform actions such as moving, archiving, or deleting them all at once.

You can switch the view from cards to a list format. This preference will be saved and maintained until you log out.


This page displays your personal folders, which you can use to organize your videos. On this page, you can create a new folder, record or upload a new video, and search for a folder by name.

Similar to video cards, folders have a menu that provides actions for individual folders as well as group actions for multiple folders, such as archiving or deleting them.


The team folders are displayed similarly to regular folders, but with additional information regarding your role and the members associated with that folder. Depending on your role, the actions available from the folder card menu will differ.

If you are not the owner of a team folder and are only a participant, selecting the 'Delete' option will remove the folder from your view. However, collaborators will still have access to the folder. Any videos that you have placed in the folder will be returned to your personal library.


Instead of deleting videos, you have the option to move them out of the main list and into the Archive. You can then restore them if needed. This page includes both archived videos and folders, which are divided into separate tabs. The available actions for archived items are Unarchive and Delete. Additionally, you can search for videos or folders within each tab based on their title.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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