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Approval flow - Reviewing videos

As a reviewer, you play a role in ensuring that the videos produced by your company meet the required standards and can be shared. When a user submits a video for review, you will receive a notification to let you know that a video is waiting for your attention.

To access the videos awaiting your review:

Navigate to the review button on the left-hand side panel of the web app.
Here, you will be able to see all the videos that are up for review.

To approve a video and leave comments use the right-hand side panel

Once you open a video for review, you can watch it and add comments if needed, if you think the video is good to go, you can approve it by clicking on the "Approve" button.

This will notify the user that their video has been approved and is now ready to be shared.

If you think the video is not yet ready to be shared, you can request changes by clicking on the "Decline" button.

This will send the video back to the user and you can add comments explaining what needs to be changed

Video discussion

Use the video discussion in your favor, chat with the users and figure out together how to create the best video

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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