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How to manage your messages on web

Easily managing your Messages in the Inbox

It's easy to manage your notifications with Vormats message system, which ensures you're never out of the loop when it comes to video interactions.
You can receive your notifications on web, mobile and email.

There are multiple notification types, including:

Initial video views,
Video editing updates
Review progress updates
Folder sharing invitations
Tips and advices

How to filter your notifications

You can filter your Notifications by all, read and unread messages.

How to change your notification settings

You can turn on or off your activity notifications from your Personal Settings at any time.
You can also use the Vormats mobile app's Notification settings to turn them on and off.

Under your Notifications settings, there are two areas: Email and Desktop and mobile. You can adjust your notifications according to your preferences.

How to delete your notifications

The following options are possible:

To do this, hover the pointer over the message and the delete icon becomes visible.

You can select several messages and delete them as a whole in the upper bar. The selected messages are always deleted.

How to mark Messages as read

As soon as a message is clicked, it is marked as read. However, to mark all messages as read, either the button Mark all as read can be used or several messages can be selected and then marked as read with the corresponding icon.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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