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Video Analytics on Web

To truly understand the impact of a video, it is important to analyze its performance through video analytics. Video analytics provide valuable insights into how viewers are engaging with a video.

Simply opening the page does not count as a view, it requires interacting with the video

Available analytics

The views from the owner/editor(s) of the video do not count

At the moment Vormats provides insights in how much exposure your video had in terms of views and who watched the video (in case they were logged in with their Vormats account). Furthermore it's also possible to check how many views per user.

How to check the analytics

After your video has received the first view, you can check the analytics by:

Opening your video library

Clicking the video to check the analytics

Clicking the view count

Click on "see engagement" to view more detailed information per user

Click on a user to see views for that user

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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