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Exploring the Video Details Page on Vormats Web

In this article, you will learn about the possibilities of the video details page for video owner/editor and video viewer.

Users who have editing rights to the video (such as the owner, team folder editor or admin, or a video reviewer with the approval flow feature turned on) can edit the video, moderate comments, edit description and video title. Viewers optionally allowed to left comments and reactions, share and download a video.

Video info

On the video details page, common information about the video is displayed, such as the title, description, last changes date, and owner's name and avatar. The video description can be edited by the owner or editor.

Viewers can also leave comments and reactions, but only if the video owner has enabled this feature in the video preferences. We will discuss how to adjust these settings later in this article. Read here more about reactions

Editing options from tools sidebar

Change the Logo that will be shown in the video

Control Video preferences to determine how your video will be shown to viewers. Available preference settings:

Viewer can download - Enables/Disables the download button to the viewer. If disabled, the viewer will not be able to download the video. Default: Enabled

Viewer can comment - Enables/Disables the comment section and reactions for the video. Default: Enabled

Viewer can see analytics - Enables/Disables the view count to the viewers. Default: Enabled

Viewer can share - Enables/Disables the sharing link button to the viewers. Default: Enabled

Disable animated GIF - When enabled, sharing the the video via the "Copy GIF thumbnail" button, uses the static thumbnail instead of the animated one. Default: Disabled

Share video player only - When enabled, when the viewer opens the video link only the player is displayed. Default: Enabled for mobile videos and Disabled for web videos

Show sidebar - Enables/Disables the left sidebar. Default: Enabled

Stop sharing this video - When enabled, the video is no longer accessible to viewers. Default: Disabled

Edit the video

Add/edit/translate/remove video Subtitles

Change the video Thumbnail to control which frame will be shown before anyone plays your video

Options available from the page header

Check Video statistic

Share will open a modal window, which allows you to:

Set up a password to the video, so only users who know the password can view it

For companies with enabled approval flow only reviewer can manage a password

Video viewers are not allowed to download password protected videos.

Copy GIF thumbnail, which copies code to your clipboard that can be past in an email and will display the thumbnail as a GIF with a link to the video.

<Copy embedded code> which copies embedded code to your clipboard, so you can add a Vormats video to a website or blog by embedding it.

Copy link to share the video with world

Options available from the page header menu:

Copy link


Download video. Will open a modal with download options. If video has subtitles, you can choose do you want subtitles be rendered into the video or download SRT subtitles files separately.

Only enabled language subtitles SRT files can be downloaded. You can learn more about enabling or disabling languages in subtitles by checking out this article

Duplicate video.

Videos within a folder are duplicated to your video library:

Archive the video no longer want to be displayed.


Move your video to another folder or to video list

Last two options available only for video owner, team folder owner or team folder admin

Shared video page

By controlling Video preferences video editor can change how the shared video page can look like. Relying on what was described before, there are 3 different states:

The shared video page looks like the video details page but without editing tools. In this state, the analytics showing, sharing, downloading, commenting, and reacting on the video can also be disabled by video owner/editor

In the player-only state, only the player is shown. If this option is enabled by the editor, viewers can also download the video

The left sidebar with routing options can be disabled.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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